The Paleoindian Database of the Americas




Q: I have data. How do I contribute?

By all means, click here.


Q: I'm using the map images in a publication/presentation. What is the appropriate citation?

Use the reference directly embedded on the images. If you "cropped" the reference out, please don't do that. Please click here and re-download the image.


Q: I want to just cite the webpage and the general database. What is the appropriate citation?

Anderson, David G., D. Shane Miller, Stephen J. Yerka, J. Christopher Gillam, Erik N. Johanson, Derek T. Anderson, Albert C. Goodyear, and Ashley M. Smallwood
2010 PIDBA (Paleoindian Database of the Americas) 2010: Current Status and Findings. Archaeology of Eastern North America 38:63-90.


Q: I used data from this website, but only from a particular state or site. What is the appropriate citation?

The appropriate citation should be found on the state or site's pidba webpage. Also, a list of references is also available for the entire site here.





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